Monday, June 23, 2008

The Robert Downey Jr. of Cookies

There have been rumors (old ones by now) flying around that Cookie Monster was either going to be replaced or dropped from Sesame Street altogether. There even was an online petition sent to PBS against this measure. He was also interviewed on NPR, and you can see the short 5 minute video where he reveals his favorite dirty word among other things as well, on a show titled In Character.

Here in Argentina not too many people know about Cookie Monster; however, this last video below was sent to me by a local Argentine who happens to love cookies. I am sure that if Cookie Monster ever got a hold of her home made cookies he would love them too. Hope you enjoy Cookie Monster's appearance on the Colbert Report as much as I did.

Thanks Marce.
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Cookie Monster
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Marce said...

I´m glad you enjoyed the video, Frank, Colbert is truly hilarious, and I´m with him, the cookie monster needs to eat cookies, not fruit! Otherwise, he´s just a monster! haha

Anonymous said...

i also liked the video. Thanks for sharing