Friday, September 19, 2008

It Happened to Francis Ford Coppola As Well

A while back Francis Ford Coppola had his computer stolen when thieves broke into his property in Palermo Viejo. Being a neighbor of his (I live two blocks away) I have noticed how most of the businesses have been targeted and have been victims of theft. I knew it only had to be a matter of time before my own business was targeted.

Actually, last year, I did have some theft problems and those did catch me off guard. I never thought they would steal metal gratings???

This year the buggers got a bit more daring. They winched up the metal curtain, propped it up with a metal rod, broke the glass door and took off with the computer.

Could it have been a jealous competitor; a hungry dad wishing to feed his kids; or riff raff that hangs out at the train tracks across the boulevard?

I would put my money on that last option.

Between people calling me to tell me they have one of my relatives in the trunk of their car, being in a street that once a year turns into a river, and now this, I must be crazy to keep at it. But you know what? I would be crazy to do otherwise; I love this place.

I just have to come up with a better way to protect the store.

Below are some pictures of the aftermath. Later on I will upload a little video I shot of the store.


Beatrice M said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear this. It sucks. I'm glad you have a good attitude about this though. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

That sucks! Seems like a lot of effort just for a computer too. Hopefully you had all the data backed up. Best of luck with the repairs and new security.

Marc said...

That really sucks. Hope the computer was just a bare bones system for commerce. And too bad that rod didn't snap when one crawled under the gate.

They didn't even snag a box of cookies?

My wife's store had a robbery attempt a couple months ago. Guy tried to sneak out the backdoor with a product about half his size and weight. Two employees pinned him down before police came. One employee told a cop, "I wanted to knee him so bad." Cop said, "If it happens again, slap em around a bit and say he tripped over something while trying to run because we can't touch them." Made my day.

Anonymous said...

I saw the pics of the store and it was really painful, cause I imagined what it must feel like when you put your heart into something and then some low-life just walks in and destroys it. It's nowhere really safe here, I know several people who got their houses broken into and some of them were unlucky enough to actually be there at the time, so in the end you can probably be glad if it's the shop and not you.
Wish you all the best getting it back on track! Besos

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments of support!

We have been working hard and fast to reopen the store and we might be able to do so by this Monday.

It all just sucks, but it's done and over with...hopefully. Just in case, we modified the metal curtain so that we can bolt it to the grown in two places.

If they come back for a second computer they will have to work harder to get at it.

Thing is, because of Argentine law I can't have a laptop in the store, which would make it pretty easy for me to put the computer out of reach.

Oh well, gotta work with what-ya-got I guess.

Can you believe they didn't take any cookies? They probably prefer the crappy cookies from the Kioscos anyway.

Anonymous said...


Oh man, this stinks! I'm very sorry.

But your attitude and sense of humor is admirable and encouraging. Keep up the good work. I need those cookies, buddy!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

You know, I live across the street from a Cafe Martinez. One night at maybe 2 am or so I heard a loud crash. I thought it was a car wreck but then I heard another so I went to the window. By then the alarm of the cafe was blaring. The car in front left.

I called the police and waited at the window. The alarm stopped but the police never showed. The thieves came back and went through the hole they'd punched through the door, then they took a computer and money and drove off. Seems like they do the first blow to get into the place, knowing that the cops aren't coming, they wait until the alarm goes off and then come back to enter through the hole they prepared the first time.

Hope this info helps you keep your place safer. Suerte!

Unknown said...

Hi Angela,

Yes it helps, thanks! In this case, they ran in and they were in a hurry. They completely missed the stereo and the coffee machine that was unplugged and very easy to take. They also ripped the face plate off the very old, slow computer they took. However, they monitor was only a week old and it was a very nice one.

Hi Taos,

Thanks buddy! We are not going to stop making them so don´t worry about that. Now I just hope we get the store back up today.

danielkarlin said...

Frank, it rips me up to hear about this. And that the monitor was only a week old! To me, that says that they watch the place. They know the workings. They planned it out.

Lourdes and I were robbed in our old apartment the day she brought home a new laptop. Impossible that it's a coincidence.

And what is this law about not having a laptop in a retail space? Was that written by the thieves? What kind of sense does that make?

godines said...

you should get a big old dog. but then again, it would end up eating all the cookies! can't win..