Friday, June 1, 2007

To Catch a Thief

Or at least make him work harder for it. As if I didn´t have enough on my hands with negotiating prices every month due to inflation I have to worry about someone making out with my metal grating that I put on the curb so that we could have vehicle access to our factory.

As you can see from the picture there is one part that is missing. That one they managed to take away for the second time. I was a little puzzled. Together with the architects we were trying to figure out how they managed to steal the metal grating. They left the hinges behind and they don´t look forced.

I looked at the remaining gratings to see if they had any evidence of tampering and found that the second one was cut and was just barely hanging on. In fact, it was completely loose. I don´t know why they did not take it. Could it have been just one person and the second one was just too heavy to take?

From this picture you can see that it was slightly out of the hinges.

And from this third picture you can see where they cut the grating from the hinge. This gave the grating its freedom from one of the hinges and all they had to do was just lift it and pull it to the right to free it from the other hinge.

As you can see, I went to the Jumbo and bought a couple of chains and chained my grating to the municipal gratings. My chains are so puny and they look like you could cut them with scissors, but they apparently did the trick this time. My people told me that when they came in this morning they found the second grating lying on the floor out of the hinges. Apparently they had tried pulling it out and then they tried hitting the chain with something. The chain had marks and dents all over it. I am going out now to buy some thicker chains.

For now they are two to my one. They managed to rob me the first time and they came back to take one more from me. I came back with a puny chain and blocked their third attempt. If I manage to stop their attempt tonight with some bigger chains I will consider it a tie. After that I will be fixing these gratings and I am going to have them soldered on to each other as well as chained. They are going to have to up their game and go pro if they want these gratings again. I admit that I can´t do anything against a pro but would a pro waist his time and effort on these gratings? This is a hypothetical question since it is obvious I am not up against a pro here, just desperate people, and now I am desperate too (to have vehicle access to my factory).

If any of you have any ideas I am all ears.
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