Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now what are we to do on Wednesday night?

Now that the special vote isn´t happening and you, the *thirsty beer swigging mob, have no where to go Wednesday night you might want to consider ditching your beer mugs for wine glasses.

I wanted to drum up some support for a tasting that Gary and Nigel organize on a monthly basis. This month, I'm covering for Gary. The tasting costs 35 pesos and it is at Nigel Tollerman's wine cellar at Anchorena 695.

If you can't make it, feel free to spread the word to others who might be interested :) They can RSVP to the Google groups list, or me at phos at or my cell is 15-6942-7132, but if it is just a few you can also come without RSVP as we don't usually get close to packing the house.

I'm also planning to bring some cheese this month, so we won't go hungry. We also have a Google group dedicated to this monthly tasting,

Take care,


Okay Jason, you asked for it. Get your cleaning crew ready to receive the thirsty, beer swigging mob.

*reference to someone thinking that this type of mob was going to appear at their 6th floor home.


99 said...

My dear beer swigging mob comrade, too bad we can´t make it tonight. But we´ll be toasting for you and the gang at a birthday party...

Unknown said...

Actually, tonight I am going to be eating Pizza and Pollo a la Gasparini with the family.

This is what I would have been missing if the voting would have proceeded.

Have fun!