Saturday, December 20, 2008

Running for Treasurer of Democrats Abroad Argentina

As if I didn´t have enough things on my plate right now, I decided to make a run for Treasurer of Democrats Abroad Argentina. For those of you who are not members and would not get to see my post on that website, I offer it to you here:

I am honored to be included for consideration for the position of Treasurer.

I have lived in Argentina since 1999 and have lived through the major financial meltdown of 2001. Catastrophe and crisis usually come hand in hand with opportunity. Back then that crisis was part of the world events that lead me to try something new. Out of that crisis Sugar & Spice was born and it grew to become Argentina´s first truly gourmet cookie brand, singel handedly creating the local retail gourmet cookie segment and reaching over 2 million pesos in sales this year.

Before I entered into the world of entreprenuership, I was working in corporate sales of Crown Relocations in Buenos Aires, and before that I ran English conversation classes and helped people create their own unique grad school essays.

Throughout the whole time I have been in Argentina I have also been involved with Fundación Leer, which is a local license of Reading is Fundamental from the United States. I saw first hand just how that group affected change, inspiration and hope in the eyes of the children that received their very first, and in many cases, the family´s only book. From that first tear streaked smile of a child hugging her book I was hooked. At first I donated time, and when I started my own company, I set aside a percentage of sales. We know have grown to be able to support a reading corner.

Democrats Abroad Argentina has also ventured into a crisis of its own. I am confident that we can pull it out of that mire and build upon the succesful work that has already been done. We should never forget how crisis and opportunity go hand in hand. I see living proof of that in every supermarket shelf and every child that recieves a book through Fundación Leer, and I would like to have a hand at making sure Democrats Abroad Argentina has a shot at success as well.

This would be something new for me and I would be honored to serve as your Treasurer.

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