Monday, December 29, 2008

Radio Reminder - La Isla

I will be on the radio today at noon. The show is called "La Visión" (The Vision) and I will be interviewed by Carlos Clerici and Alejandra Zuccoli.

La Isla 89.9
FM - La Vision


Me van a entrevistar hoy a las doce del mediodía en el programa "La Visión" de Carlos Clerici y Alejandra Zuccoli en La Isla 89.9 FM.


Beatrice M said...

sorry I missed it. Hope it went well.

Unknown said...

Hi Beatrice,

They promised to send me a link to the audio so I can post it on-line. Once I get it I will post it.

It went well. I always get to a point that I start to say something and then I change midway and I feel like I get stuck. Other than that, I thought it went well.