Thursday, May 5, 2011

BA Cast vs Me (part 2)

I previously had the pleasure to be on B.A. Podcast and share some wine, copetines and conversation with Fer, Daniel and Diva.

You can read how that went by clicking here.

This time around Fer fired back with a top 5 of his own.

He vowed revenge and he's delivering it on a nice cold plate. He even has a back up cheering squad that should sound familiar to anyone who has lived in Argentina (or has watched the Argentine national team play).

Listen in Yanqs and see what makes us pesados. The recording is a collection of five Top 5's. Fernando's list is the last one.

After reviewing my list I am still sticking to it. However, I did receive a suggestion that I should try the chimichurri on choripan and that was a great suggestion. This works way better for me.

I also received a link to an article on sandwhiches de miga by another expat, and yes, when they are as good as they can be, they can be okay for me. I am still not dying for one though.

One more thing, if you click the label below called "BA Cast vs me" you would get a listing of posts that go back and forth between Fernando and myself.

In case you can't tell, I really like talking with these guys and more often than not we are actually in agreement, but we have a blast when we disagree.

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