Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Music Feature!

On Fridays I will be highlighting a song or a band that is currently playing at the Sugar & Spice store. The idea is to showcase some of the music that I love and share it with you.
Los viernes voy a destacar una canción o una banda que se está reproduciendo en la tienda de Sugar & Spice. La idea es mostrar algo de la música que me gusta y compartirlo con ustedes.

I don't know if posting it every Friday on the blog is the way to go. Call it an experiment.

No si publicarla todos los viernes en el blog es el camino a seguir. Llamemoslo un experimento.

I could also use the Sugar & Spice Facebook Page for these posts. However, like I said, I don't know yet. What do you think? Should I post it here or exclusively on the Facebook site?

También puedo utilizar la pagina de Facebook de Sugar & Spice para esto. Sin embargo, como he dicho, yo no lo sé todavía. ¿Qué piensan? Lo pongo acá o en Facebook?

If you did not know we had a Facebook page now is the time to head on over there, like us, and start listening...

Si no sabían que había una página de Facebook ahora es el momento de ir allí, hacer click en "like", y empezar a escuchar ...

And now, the first band:
Y ahora, la primera banda:

This one, I have to honestly say that I got to know about through Glenn Beck. It may the only thing I ever would be grateful to Glenn Beck for, but there you have it.

A Metric, tengo que decir honestamente, que los llegué a conocer a través de Glenn Beck. Es posible que sea la única cosa que agradeceré a Glenn Beck (porque es un loco reventado), pero ahí lo tienen.

He was using one of their songs in his shows and they asked him to stop doing so. The song in question was Rock Me Now.

Él estaba usando una de las canciones de Metric en su programa de television y le pidieron que dejara de hacerlo. La canción en cuestión era Rock Me Now.

There is also an Argentina connection to all of this, but for that you can just listen to Emily Haines tell it herself.

También hay una conexión a la Argentina en todo esto, pero pueden escuchar a Emily Haines hablar sobre eso.

One other plus is that Metric happens to be a favorite of my 9 year old as well. Take that Radio Disney!

Otro beneficio más de todo esto es que Metric pasa a ser uno de los favoritos de mi hija de 9 años. Tomatela Radio Disney!

You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or if you're lucky and wandering around Recoleta you might see her taking in the view, sipping a cortado under the shade of a very large gomero tree in La Biela.

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Miki said...

Awe, it was so cool to see the second video! I happened to fly away from Bs As although I LOVE the city. And I find it fascinating when foreigners go there and fall in love with it too :).

Hope you have a fun weekend!