Saturday, April 30, 2011

Elephant and Piggie go to Buenos Aires!

Well, not exactly...

I was invited by my youngest daughter's teacher to come in and read in English to their 2nd grade class. Since they are learning English, and they are in 2nd grade, I thought the Elephant and Piggie book series would be the perfect books to read.

It's a good thing I took several books (I was then going to lend some to a friend afterwards), because they demanded that I read more.

Yep, I finished reading the book and they started chanting: Uno Mas! Uno Mas! Uno Mas!

These are my absolute favorite easy reader books. They are not just for the little ones either. They are a joy to read as an adult. And if you ever have to read to little kids and you want to be a rock star, these are the books to read to them.

There is lots of repetition, as there needs to be so that the kids can get used to the words and help pick them up, but there is lots of humor and there's lots of exclamation points! The dialogue, while very simple, is just very funny. Remember, these kids were laughing it up.

These books just so happen to be the very first ones that my eldest started reading. In fact, we bought them at the book store because she picked one up and started reading right then and there. We were so in love with that moment that we bought several of those books.

The other Mo Willems that I really love is the Pigeon series of books. Both of these are great!

Doing a little on-line research I found that there is a new on-line dancing game!

Click here for the link to the game.

I have not tried it yet, but so far, like everything else he does, he is getting great reviews.

I just found out that he is also starting to offer the books in Spanish.

I will leave you with some helpful links:

Mo Willems Blog
Teacher's Guide and Event Kits (which I also used to prepare a little gift to the class)
Jean Little Library Blog (A Librarian reviews the books)
Mo Willems Stuff...


Raddien said...

from Indonesia with luv ....

holidays in vendee said...

a nice idea, a great way to teach kids about the world and other cultures.

Martin said...

I'd love to read those books to my kids before they go to sleep in my buenos aires apartments, It'd be a great idea also to recomend one of those to their english teacher