Thursday, July 5, 2007

Caminos & Sabores

This event will be open to the public. It is the third installment of a yearly event. There will be over 250 stands all representing all the regions of Argentina. Unlike this last fair we just wrapped up, there will be many people attending this one.

This one runs from the 12th of July to the 15th of July from 12noon to 10pm every day. The entrance is $12 pesos. On Thursday and Friday retired people pay $6 pesos and if you are a student in the field of tourism or the food industry then you get in for free. If you are a business owner in the food industry then you also get in for free. I guess on Thursday and Friday we are supposed to feed everyone...yikes.

This will be the first time we attend this fair as well.

The fair is divided into sections called Paths. There is the Cheese Path, Meat Path, Oils & Spices Path, Mate Path, Drinks Path, Rural Tourism Path, Fruits Path, Path of Traditions, and last but not least the Sweet Path. That´s the one I am going to be in. So what will you find in the Sweet Path? There will be honey, dulce de leche, jams and jellies, chocolate, sugar, candied fruit, and cookies!

At this fair there will be samples to taste, cooking classes, and even a photography contest. Last year they had more than 50,000 people attend so be prepared to see everyone and their mother at this one.

How to get there: in Spanish

We are stand number D29d. If you click on the picture below you should get a bigger view.


99 said...

Hey, I´m adopting you´re quote of "cowgirl up". I love it!

Unknown said...

I like it too. Now it´s time to find a use for it.

nathan said...

i think i'm gonna cowgirl up and head to the cooking show!

Unknown said...


Now that is a unique use of the phrase.

SFO said...

Will the Cookie Monster or his alter ego be manning the booth?

I'll be in town on Friday, so if I get hungry I might stop by. Although I'd need to get there early to beat those students who will probably be eating their way through the exhibition.


Unknown said...

I think there will be enough cookie monsters showing up without me bringing one of my own.

See you on Friday!

Manuel Miranda said...

Saludos Almeida:

Te felicito por este blog y por tu web en Español.

Estos portales son de una inmensa calidad, glamour, elegancia, "cachet", etc.

Unknown said...

Estimado Manuel,

Muchísimas gracias por las lindas palabras. Me encantó su post sobre el reporte de los países
"Jodidos"también. Es mas creo que hay un error en el reporte. Chile deberia tener mejor puntuaje que EEUU y no estar empatado. ;-)