Monday, July 16, 2007

Caminos & Sabores Wraps Up

Yep, that is the cookie monster and have you ever seen him not finish a cookie in his life? He was so tired after the fair that I think I heard him say "ME LOves cookies" right before passing out in front of a plate of his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

He actually came in from the USA, thanks to John, just in time to help out with the fair. John is a reader of this blog who happened to fly in from the States and was so kind enough to give me this talking Cookie Monster. Thanks John for this wonderful little gift!

The fair itself was a great success. There were tons of people that did not know the Sugar & Spice brand and my main goal was basically to promote the brand and our own store, get as many people to try the cookies as possible and as a consequence, maybe, hopefully many sales would generate. Key thing though is that I did not place sales as my primary goal. In fact, it hardly has been ever. Sales, for me, have been a consequence of my primary goals. This did not happen by accident. That is how I plan these things. As a result we ran out of our savory cookies, biscotti, and banana walnut pound cake. In fact, we started selling what was left our pound cake samples without the packaging. We were also giving away 10% discount coupons valid at our store to everyone who purchased and we ran out of those as well. The main thing though is that there are many more people this week that know who we are and where we are than there were last week. Just thinking about that puts a smile in my face.
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