Wednesday, July 4, 2007

G&H Expo

I am currently participating in this expo. I am hoping that we get some more hotel contacts. Hotels have been an enigma for me in this business. The ones that I closed deals with went extremely easy. There were others that I never received a concrete answer as to why they were not interested. I always received the obvious praise for my product but.... I just never knew why for some hotels it was a no-brainer (and they currently do very well with our cookies) while others just could not get it.

This time I am not going to let them get away so easily. They have to tell me what is stopping them from buying the best, most delicious cookies in the market especially since some other hotels are buying and are buying well.

Here are some pictures of our stand. If it looks like half a stand that is because we actually built this stand keeping in mind one 3 by 3 meter size stand. We keep running into event organizer´s that give us an extra space (they had the space and they want us to participate so they end up giving us a space--we have been lucky that way). In this case, the stand came with that ugly little table, which turned out to be quite useful. I think next time I will have to invest in a table to use as a desk. It was just not part of the original layout so we didn´t have that thought out or developed. So, when these little opportunities pop up (free extra space) we get to use ugly little tables.

This event is closed to the public. The next event will be open to the public so next week I will write about it before it starts and hopefully you can come by.
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