Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oil for Chocolate

Dan from Saltshaker - one of Argentina´s worst kept secrets because his closed door restaurant is so popular - has just written about a sad day in US food history. The FDA is considering changing the legal definition of chocolate. Currently when a food company uses "chocolate" made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil the company has to state it as "chocolate flavor". They want to change this so that from now on they can now call this "chocolate".

To put this into perspective, it is just like letting the margarine companies call their product butter. They would think that you are too stupid to know the difference between margarine and butter. Besides with time, hardly anyone would remember what real butter would taste like because all the big companies would make margarine and just call it butter.

In this case, you wouldn´t know the difference until you actually put the "chocolate" in your mouth and got a waxy, funny tasting thing.

"The labels says it´s chocolate hunny, really."

After a while who would be the wiser. If everyone starts making the "new chocolate" who would know the difference?

To clarify the difference a bit more, one is a well known health hazard while the other one is filled with healthy antioxidants and it tastes fantastic.

Go here for directions on how to fill write to the FDA and let them know that this is a bad idea. You have to do this today since it is the last day.

Oh, and if you are not an American citizen you can still write, and you can write if you are physically in another country.


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