Friday, April 20, 2007

Tonel Privado

We have a new client! This is a family run winery. Their main store is in Belgrano in front of the Juramento Market. They have expanded to 10 locations and they are very well located throughout the city.

I have been after these guys for a very long time and finally they have come around. Maybe they were waiting around to make sure I wasn´t a flash in the pan (here one day and gone tomorrow).

But now they have my cookies and I just wanted to say Welcome to them.


greekinargentina said...

Hey Frank

I like to invite your family to our next expat function on Friday night

Friday, April 27th - Dinner Meeting

Our next dinner meeting is going to be next Friday, April 27th in Cheff Iusef Restaurant -- Malabia 1378 (Palermo Viejo) -- at 8pm.
Cheff Iusef is probably the most authentic Middle Eastern restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Entrance fee is 30 pesos without soft drinks, 35 pesos with soft drinks.

What is included:

Meat Dishes:
Entrees: kebbe, lebanese meatball, basterma armenian dried meats,stuffed grape leaves filled with rice and meats.
Main courses: cafta lebanese sausage, shish kebabs chicken and beef and lamb and more.

For Vegetarians:
Entrees: chick pea dip eggplant dip arabian cheeses, falafel chick pea fritters, greek salads taboulie.
Main dishes: stuffed eggplant filled with rice and vegetables, persian rice, vegetarian kebabs, arabian vegetarian pies and more.

For more information about the restaurant please check saltshaker, guia oleo and

Hope to see you there.

Unknown said...

Hi Greek in Argentina,

Thanks for the invite! Weekends are normally bad for me since we are one of the many that head out to the suburbs.

However, I am intrigued. What kind of dinner event is this? I mean it sounds like you do this frequently. Can you tell me about your group?