Thursday, April 19, 2007

Row row row your boat...2

After 36 hours of no electricity we are finally back up. I also realized that the pictures I posted are tiny and you can't make out the tractor almost totally submerged in the construction site. Here is a link to bigger pictures.


SFO said...

Is this the tower that is being constructed near Soler? Is there still only a small pump emptying the water from the construction site? I'll have to walk over and see how far the water has dropped when I arrive in a couple of weeks.

I wonder if that partially submerged digger is a write off.

I see your Picasa Gallery still has a picture of "old" Frank.


Unknown said...

There are actually several towers being constructed. Soler runs between two projects - Quartier (39 stories) and the Mirabilia Twin Towers (42 stories).

Now that they have electricity they have all the pumps going. It started to rain again today and rain is expected throughout the weekend. Those pumps are almost always on.

Once the construction site is done and they have built a wall around the building I wonder where all the future downpoured water is going to go?

I might have to supply all my employees with hip boots and make my cookie packs floatable.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the heads up on the picture. I have changed that one also.

There no more hair anywere. I feel like I just shaved for the first time again.

SFO said...

I was reading recently about how one of the towers in your area had changed the groundwater flow, and was causing flooding in somebody's basement.

I've yet to figure out who's going to buy all those new expensive apartments that will be flooding (pardon the pun) the market in the next few years.

Maybe they'll like cookies ... :-)


Unknown said...

I hope so. It would be nice to see the store do well.

I also heard about that and it was one of the main concerns people had in Caballito that also has seen a lot of new construction. The courts have actually halted some of these buildings in the past. One of these towers by us was supposed to have been stopped but then they started working on it again. I don´t know how those court orders are doing any more. But then again, I am really bad at reading the newspapers on a regular basis... I will be reading them on Monday though...