Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cookie Day!

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Today was the blogger´s event at Sugar & Spice. I was so glad to finally meet so many of my fellow bloggers in BA. There are some who could not make it and hopefully somewhere down the road I will get the chance to meet them.

Meanwhile you can go -here- for Alan´s (of Buenos Aires Argentina Guide) set of pictures of the event, and you can click -here- for his version of the event itself. If anyone else puts up pictures I will be adding links to them from here.
Diva just posted on the event. Click -here- to read all about it.
Julieta and Lorena just posted as well and you can click -here- to read about it.
Nathan just posted as well. Here is his version of events.
Pip in the City even added a jam recipe to go with the brownies. Get the recipe -here-.
Tango Cheri added a post as well and you can read it -here-.

Meanwhile if you click on the picture above you will be taken to an online album where you can see more pictures that I took.

The blogs, magazines, and baking schools that were represented here today are:

Buenos Aires Argentina Guide
Buenos Aires Through My Eyes
Buenos Aires Daily
Filosofía de Sabor
Pip in the City
Trendy Palermo Viejo
Tango Cherie
BA Insider Magazine
Instituto Buenos Aires (pasteleria maestra)


Alan Patrick said...

Hey Frank,

That was quick!

Thanks again for the invite, I enjoyed meeting you again and it was nice to meet a few more BA bloggers too.

And of course, the cookies and cakes were delicious. Hopefully I'll post something tomorrow on my blog about it all.



Unknown said...

Hi Alan,

Not as quick as you. Your online picture album was like a poker urging me to get my act together quickly. I was going to put this up tomorrow but someone had to start posting pictures on line...

nathan said...

Thanks again, Frank. Let me know about the cookies and wine!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad I could not make it, stuck at work but it is amazing to see how Nathan can skip work and enjoy cookies tasting like this!! This will be reported to the boss ;--) Anyhow thanks to him I had a chance to try those delicious brownies, and gosh! they're excellent. Thanks again Frank, hope next meeting I can make it :)

Unknown said...

Hi Karine,

I am glad the brownies made it to their destination. If Nathan looses his job it's too bad I couldn't find a job for him here because he might eat more than he would sell. ;-)

The next one is at Nathan's house. He said he wanted to do a wine tasting and that he would get the wine. Something like Luigi Bosca I think he mentioned. I will bring the cookies.

Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Hi Frank, it was great meeting you. Thanks for the brownies!

Unknown said...


Hi neighbor. I am glad you liked them.

miss tango said...

I am still vexed I couldn't make it! Had to work....

Unknown said...

Hi Holly,

Sorry you couldn´t make it. That was the problem most people had. Next time I do this I am going to try something different as to the time and day. It was a lot of fun though.

Alan Patrick said...

Hey Frank,

Sorry that I made you rush your post by posting my pics up so quickly!

Such swift action was very out of character for me. As you will have seen by me being almost the last blogger present to get round to posting about the event...

Anyway, I've posted now, and I apologize in advance for the introduction paragraph. I was in a silly mood.


Diva said...

Hey, thank you a lot frank.It was very nice meeting you.
Next time maybe we can do some games, like who can eat more cookies in 3 minutes or who can stop Nathan from eating them...

Unknown said...

Hi Diva,

On the contrary, thank you for gracing us with your presence. I feel very cool now.

If Nathan is involved in that game I will have to add a production run to make sure I have enough cookies.




nathan said...

Alright MONSTER (if that really is your name) I hereby challenge you to a cookie eating contest. You name the place and time. Frank will provide the cookies!

Right? Frank?

This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey Nathan,

That´s between you and the Cookie Monster. However, if you get him to show up I guess I could pony up some cookies.



Anonymous said...

Hi Frank !!
Lamento no haber podido estar ahíii !!
Como alguien ya tituló en su propio blog, estas son las buenas razones para tener un blog, ser invitado a comer cosas ricas !.

Te pasaré algunas sugerencias de MK via email !
Es verdad que ALAN se comió medio negocio !;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Dalton,

Would have liked to have seen you there as well. Next time I organize one of these I think I will make it for a Saturday instead of during the week.

Alan had some help.

Look forward to the e-mail.