Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Time It´s a Top Five List of the Best Teas in Buenos Aires

The Landing Pad has come out with an article on the Top 5 Teas in Buenos Aires and Sugar & Spice was fortunate enough to make the cut.

I have also heard that we were mentioned in a new book by a local celebrity chef.

I have to go out and buy it and will let you all know shortly what that is about.

After so many years of people not knowing who we are it´s nice to get some public recognition.

By the way, check out the new diggs of The Landing Pad. Great new layout guys!


Corfu Villas said...

Tea is the source of my energy. Every now and then I used to have a cup of tea. This is really a helpful post for me especially because I can get to know all best team brands and can taste them too.

Holiday Vendee said...

I'm a tea drinker and get a bit down seeing these coffee shops and would love to try some different tea. Looks like a trip to Argentina is in order

Nilcha said...

ah how i wish i can taste all of them.. i love tea!