Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Big Bad Spud

One potato, two potato, three potato, four...

I just realized that it has been years since I have had a stuffed potato.

Thanks for the heads up I got from reading the very entertaining Pick Up The Fork, I found out about a new food chain in Buenos Aires and it´s not a Yanqui chain for once, but from Spain.

Sr. Patata
Reconquista 856 & Tres Sargentos

I have not been yet, but it´s on my list. As well as the new frozen yogurt place in my own neighborhood.

Top It
Gorriti 4721


Miki said...

What a cool blog! :) I got here through Bs As Foodies, by the way.

Hope you're having a nice week!


IDDQD said...

Thats a delicious-looking 'tater!
I've never studded anything but butter in a potato before..

Unknown said...

@Miki - Thanks! Yours is pretty cool as well.

@IDDQD - There's a whole new world waiting for you. You can put just about anything on a potato. Very funny stuff on your blog by the way.

SaltShaker said...

I've walked past the place, and even added it to my vegetarian resources page as an option (though the majority of their offered fillings are not veggie), and I have to admit, never saw a potato on their counter that looked quite that good!

Unknown said...

Hmm... I got that from their Spain site. Maybe it's only available other there?