Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YoQueVos Likes Sugar & Spice too

And we also like them right back!

I am really liking all of these Top 10 lists that we are being included into!

This holiday season we were published in La Nación, Clarin, Elle, Viva, Joy Magazine, The Urban Grocer, BAFoodies, The Landing Pad, and we even made it to a hard cover book by Narda Lepes.

Now we made it to YoQueVos, which by the way I really, really love how they manage to find so many unique stores, gifts, foods, entertainment, etc.

Amongst all of their unique finds they included us in their list of the best gifts of 2010!

And to top it off, there newsletters normally come with discounts.

Do yourself a favor and sign up. You won´t regret it.


Heidi Mathews said...

Geez Frank, that picture makes my mouth water! Too bad I don't live closer to BA to try it out. Congrats on all of the great work and recognitions!!

Unknown said...

Hi Heidi,

Thanks! By the way thank you for stepping up to the plate and running for office at Democrats Abroad!

I wish you lots of luck and success!