Wednesday, May 23, 2007

D for Disorientation: Sad story

There is a blog out there of which I am a fan. I mean, I like the writing style. He comes across as an intelligent, well read, and educated person. His name is Pablo Flores and his blog is called "D for Disorientation".

In his latest post, of which I borrowed the title for this post, he describes a series of events that lead to him being attacked on another blog site. I wont repeat those events since he did a very good job of detailing them. This other site, I had concluded before, that it was just a site aimed at whipping up hatred for expats or foreigners in general in Buenos Aires. The original idea of this offending site was pretty good. She would translate English written blogs into Spanish and therefore people who's English was not so great or nonexistent could get a view into what the foreigners were writing about their home country of Argentina.

As Pablo noted in his blog, they picked on several expat writers and, in one case in particular, twisted the original intent of the blog. I mean, the blog was actually trying to be complementary to Argentina and critical of the USA and they turned it completely around as if this person was bashing poor Argentina from his high and mighty perch of being from the USA. Yes, it is generalized but Pablo and I couldn't have been the only ones that read this as Ken's way of picking some things out from Buenos Aires that reminded him of HIS 60's USA and that he was actually trying to say that Buenos Aires has something that the USA has lost along the way.

I read Pablo's comments on that site trying to reason with those people on the fact that maybe they were being a little too trigger happy and that maybe they had gotten this one wrong. He did so politely and was answered with unreasonable attacks. These attacks on Pablo just reinforced my views that this offending site was nothing more than a xenophobic site, interested only in whipping up hatred and confusion and targeting foreigners in Argentina.

I have never met Pablo. In fact, never until this moment even exchanged e-mails. I am basically a reader of his blog. If you would like to follow the trail of this blogger drama you can go to his site linked above. He has the links to that offending site (I wont link to them).

If you want even a bit more behind the scenes read of this drama you can go read these in order and after you read Pablo's blog:

1. Yanqui Mike linking to the offending site and getting lots of comments. (By the way, I like his site too but don't know why he likes that offending site so much)

2.Bob Johnson speaks to Yanqui Mike and gets lots of comments as well.

3. Yanqui Mike and 99 and that offending site catch a Troll.

By the time you get to this last one and if you don't know Spanish you might be wondering who is a troll and who isn't. There is one clearly identified troll (that I have taken off of my link page by the way) and the rest I myself am trying to piece together.

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