Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Radio Palermo 94.7

Yesterday Sugar & Spice appeared in La Nacion and today we are going to be on the Radio. I have been invited to appear on a radio program called Compartiendo. You can hear it at 8pm on 94.7 Radio Palermo.

This is a radio station that is based in Palermo Hollywood. If you are curious give it a listen.


SFO said...

Frank -

Is this going to be a live interview? Do Argentines listen to the radio much in your experience? In the US, the only time I listen is when I'm driving, and then I might tune in to the local NPR station to see if there's anything interesting on. In Argentina I sometimes listen to the same San Franciso-based station over the web.


Unknown said...

Hi John,

If you just count the Taxi drivers you´ve got quite a few people listening to the radio.

I don´t know how many people listen to the radio. I get the impression that a lot of people do.