Friday, May 18, 2007

Sugar & Spice event for Bloggers

** UPDATE **

For all of those people that read this outside of Buenos Aires, please excuse this particular post. I am going to have a small event for reporters and bloggers at Sugar & Spice. If you are a blogger in Argentina (specifically Buenos Aires) and you would be interested in coming please send your e-mail address along with your name and your blogg´s title. The sooner you send this to me the better.

Some of you, whom I have contacted before via e-mail-you know who you are, I already have your info so don't worry I will write directly with the invite.

For the rest of you please send it to the following:

If you would like to see some pictures of the store.....

Sugar & Spice Buenos Aires Store


tangocherie said...

Hi Frank,
I want to come! I just hope it's a day and a time when I can make it.
Of course you'll be serving your delicious cookies, right?
See you soon!

Unknown said...

Hi Cherie,

Glad you plan on coming. Please remember to send me your e-mail. I need that information becuase I then have to send it to my PR person who is organizing this for me.

Anonymous said...

I already emailed you ;) Wait to hear more about the event.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank

can you please offer me some advise as you see a reasonable man And have been living here for over 4 years .

I am thinking of starting a blog as well but am reluctant due to the negative feedback I have heard from other expats here who have done the same thing.

I am not one to be shy in expressing my opinions but do not like nationalism and hysteria to be there constantly attacking me for saying what I feel.

And do you feel that Rampant nationalism is coming back into Argentinian society as there seems to be a tendency lately with the comments I have read by some through all these blogs.

Your thoughts would be greatly apreciated


Unknown said...


First of all you must treat all anonymous posts with suspicion. I chose to post yours and answer it mostly because it touched on something I have been reading all morning. Although I am pretty sure your real name is not Harry.

The bloggersphere is vast and can get pretty ugly very quickly.

If you want to tap into nationalism then it will tap you right back. If you play with fire it has a way of burning you right back.

My humble advice is to not make generalized discriminatory statements, get yourself an account and put a name to your opinions and stand by them, defend yourself with intelligence and not with name calling. In short look for that higher ground and take it.

If you do those things and people get pissed off then screw-em. If you decide to take the low road then you don't have a leg to stand on and you end up just like them.

Again, if I would know exactly who you are and specifically what you are talking about then maybe I could be more specific myself.

Anonymous said...

Frank - My emails don't seem to be going through. I'd be happy to attend, but I've got another work trip scheduled for next week & I'll be gone for 3 weeks. If I'm in town, I'll be there. Thanks for the invite.

99 said...

Good answer Frank!

99 said...

Count on me for the event. I´ll send you my data. And thanks for the invitation.

Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Hi Frank, thanks for the invitation. I'd love to attend. I'm sending you an email. Saludos!

Anonymous said...

This is not directed to Frank its directed to Yanqui Mike and his vicious campaigns in the city of Buenos Aires

I find it interesting that you are talking about trolls when you and your wife 99 are famous for inventing anonymous comments all around Buenos Aires.

You have created a very bad image for yourselves with your campaign of hate and personal attack on others.


Lic. Silvia Drikier said...

Sorry for the spanish.
Recién veo este anuncio, ya pasó el evento de bloggers?
Me gustaría participar,

Unknown said...

Hola Silvia,

Gracias por el interés en el evento pero lamento que sí, ya pasó.

Seguro que lo vuelvo a hacer en otro momento y lo anunciaré en el blog.