Monday, June 25, 2007

Alfajores Helados or Ice Cream Sandwhich Cookies

Argentina has a long tradition with cookies of their own. Their representative product, in the world of cookies, is the alfajore. Like any well loved cookie there are many variations of this, but it is basically a sandwich cookie with the middle part being Dulce de Leche. Who invented these cookies is basically unknown. I have even read somewhere that they traced them back to the Middle East and where introduced through the Spaniards that colonized the Americas.

The picture of these alfajores I borrowed from a food blogger called La Majuluta. She has some great pictures that accompany her recipes so head on over there if you want to know how to make these babies.

During the summer time they even have ice cream alfajores or frozen alfajores but they are not easily found or no one has really pushed them. The ones I have found have been nothing to write home about either.

Ever since I started introducing our cookies I have been wanting to push the idea of an ice cream sandwich cookie with our cookies. I mean, can you imagine making one of those with a homemade cookie and some great ice cream? Just looking at one is enough to make your mouth water.

I found this great picture on the cover of Bon Appétit. Ours would look similar although not as artificial. I mean how many chips are poking out of a cookie like that? You have to place those chips individually by hand on top of the dough as they are baking to come out like that. What they most likely did is put them on for the picture.

Anyway, our current ice cream clients (Freddo & Munchi´s) are not making their "frozen alfajores" this way and I am having a hard time persuading them to try them out. But never fear, I am trying and I am not giving up after hearing "no" the first time.

Meanwhile if you happen to want to try them on your own here is how you go about making them:

You have to leave your ice cream out long enough so that it is semi-soft. You scoop some ice cream onto the flat side of one of your cookies and then press against the ice cream with the other cookie (flat side as well). Any excess ice cream you can scrape off with a knife. You have to then wrap them in wax paper or plastic wrap and stick them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes (an hour would be better).

That´s it. Why do you need to freeze them? Because if you try eating them right away you are going to end up with a huge mess. The cookie will break and the ice cream will run down your hands. It´s very important that you start with soft ice cream and then freeze the sandwiches.

( A local individual was flirting with the idea of combining peanut butter with dulce de leche and chocolate. Here is her perfect chance. For example, she could use Dulce de Leche Granizadodulce de leche with chocolate chunks) and she could put peanut butter on the flat side of one of the cookies. I am pretty confident that she would have the very first Chocolate Chip, Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie in the world. What do you think Diva?


Diva said...

My perfect sandwich would be with 3 cookies (like triple alfajor, you know those right?). So I would put peanut butter, Cream ice cream in one of the cokies, and on the other side dulce de leche granizado and more peanut butter, then I would cover everything in chocolate. I have to stop, I´m droling already...

Filosofía de Sabor said...

Sounds great the combination, never tried. But sounds dificult to produce them in high cuantities for an industrie... maybe, making something between an icecream and a mousse, like a parfait, or a frozen mousse.
Don´t know, maybe I should try making icream alfajores, and probably I would do it with your cookies :)

Unknown said...


When you come to the event you might want to bring a napkin with you.

Julieta & Lorena,

You are right in that they might be difficult to produce in great numbers. I can´t think of any machine that could make them. However, Freddo is currently making ice cream sandwich cookies so all I am proposing to them is to try my cookies instead of the other kind. The best thing about these is watching kids make them and you could get sprinkles, chocolates, M&M´s, gummy bears or whatever else you can think of so they can decorate the middle part.

Filosofía de Sabor said...

That´s a great idea, letting kids make their own dessert. That´s cool idea for restaurants for kids (the new trend) and places with a kinder, like Persicco. And maybe a funny and cute mess too :)