Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Espacios TV

Espacios TV is a weekly show produced from Tucuman. The show spotlights design, fashion, art, tourism, architecture, and "vida sana" (healthy living). Half of the show´s content has to do with Buenos Aires and the rest with Tucuman. If you go to the sight you can click on the little orange TV and you can view a clip of the show. It loads pretty quickly. I have Fibertel cable modem so nothing too fancy under the hood here.

Our PR agency, Flavia Tomaello, organized an interview on this show. I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Sofia Alurralde. I say pleasure becuase not only is it obvious that she is very pretty but she was also very nice and sweet. In fact, she is even prettier in person than in these pictures and I imagine she looks pretty good on TV.

So if you happen to be anywhere near Tucuman and have access to a Television you can check out the show.

It runs on Tuesdays at 11pm and then repeats Wednesday at 1pm; Thursday at 8pm; Friday at 8:30pm; Saturday at 11:30am and 8:30pm; Monday at 6:30pm

They are going to send me a CD of the show so if I can figure out how to load video on to the blog I will post it.


Anonymous said...

You can upload the video at Google Video, Frank. Once you upload it, you will receive an html code as with most all of the videos there. After you pick up the code, right click to save the code then paste it into Notepad and save it to your hard drive. Once you have the code, simply paste it into the html editor here at Blogger.
I am sure that you won't have any problem but if you do, I will be more than happy to help you get it posted correctly.

I would like to see the video as I'm sure that others will enjoy seeing it, too.

Thanks for faming me at Blogging to Fame, btw. I reciprocated by faming both you and this blog of yours.


Unknown said...

Hi Saboma,

Thanks for the fame and the advice! I have tried in the past to put up video and it never worked. I was kind of in a hurry so maybe I overlooked something.

I will have to give it another try though.

I love your zip code.