Sunday, June 3, 2007

Voting Day

My two year old: "we are going walking?"

Me: "we are going in the car. Mommy is going to vote today"

2 year old: "We are going on a boat!?! Is it big?"

Me: "Mommy is going to vote, not a boat. She is going to help pick the next mayor of Buenos Aires" I was hoping she would ask what a Mayor was and I would subsequently try and lead her into other topics.

2 year old: "Is it white?"

Me: "Sweat Pea, we aren´t going on a boat. She is voting today. We are taking her to a building, a school in fact."

2 year old: "Is it blue?"

Me: "What, the school?"

2 year old: "No, the boat"


SFO said...

Frank, just wait until your daughter mistakes a word for "pony".

So what color IS the boat?


Unknown said...

To tell you the truth I can´t remember exactly how I got out of that conversation, but as you can tell I try not to lie to her just to finish a conversation. I think I said something about going back one day to Punta del Este on a boat and she was satisfied with that.

She knows very well what a Pony is. On the weekends when we go to the suburbs she gets her weekly pony ride. That is the highlight of her weekends.