Monday, June 4, 2007

Argentine Parrilla in Minnesota?

Who would have thought that in the middle of Minnesota you would be able to find an Argentine Parrilla. I don´t mean a restaurant, I mean a real, working Argentine grill. Well I have the pictures to prove it and the links for those of you who would be interested in reading on why, and how this American business owner hand built his very own piece of Argentina in the US Midwest.
The following is a quote from Jim, the owner of Maplelag in Minnesota.

Actually the Argentine staff has not seen the completed parrilla yet. I brought back the grill pieces when I was there last summer, and we didn't start construction until camp ended in August. So when they come next week, I think they will be impressed. Our local welder/blacksmith did a fantastic job on making the grill go up and down with just the pull of a lever and no crank or chain. We used it yesterday for the wedding party and they loved it.

I love the mollejas in Argentina, something very hard to get here.
Just to give you a little more background on why Argentina, normally when we close here the middle of March we head for Puerto Vallarta in Mexico for R and R. Three years ago, the Argentine staff who has been begging us to come for years to visit finally connected and my wife and I went for 4 weeks to BA and then to our best friend, Gustavo who with his family owns a hotel in Carlos Paz. We visited there and to be honest, Argentina just blew me away. So different than I what I was expecting and I couldn't wait to get back. My wife who likes the summer here and the garden stayed behind when I went last summer, and I am coming again this summer. I really hate the hot, humid weather here in July, and loved the temps and weather last year in BA. I went skiing for a week in Ushuaia and that was fun, and will maybe go again this summer. I also took Spanish lessons, but my teacher said I am always asking too many questions and not a very good student.

Click -here- for the link on how he built his parrilla.

Jim is going to vacation in Argentina again. He is going to stop by and check out Sugar & Spice. I just hope he doesn´t decide to go back and build a cookie factory.


Unknown said...

I lived in Carlos Paz for 13 years and also had a friend by the name of Gustavo.
I love Parrillas and built a few as a Kid.
Any idea what Gustavo's last name is?

Unknown said...

Hi Randy,

Thanks for commenting. Did your Gustavo own a hotel?

You could try writing to Jim, the owner of Maplelag to see if he can help you.

Expat in BA said...

I live in BA but I have been to Maplelag in the winter to go nordic skiing...probably about 6 years ago. Amazing post! Brings back memories.

Unknown said...

Hi American Expat!

Maplelag sounds like a wonderful resort.

Thank you for leaving a comment!

Unknown said...

American Expat,

By the way, I can't believe I did not have your sites side-linked! That has been remedied.

Unknown said...


Not a real beef unless it's dipped. The Chicago Hot Dog deserves a post all it's own and yes, I miss it terribly.


You have a very thoughtful sight. If you ever get on the wave keep me in mind. ;-)

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