Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Music Feature! Danniel Radall

I was screening my Facebook wall when I came across an article by Gozamos. Part of the title mentioned "Guadalajara Chill Wave" and well that caught my attention.

Also, Gozamos is an online magazine directed at young Latinos in Chicago. I am no longer young, but I am from Chicago!

Estaba mirando mis noticias de Facebook cuando me encontré con un artículo de Gozamos. Parte del título menionaba "Guadalajara Chill Wave" y me llamó la atención.

Gozamos es una revista en línea dirigida a los jóvenes latinos en Chicago. Yo ya no soy tan joven, pero sigo siendo de Chicago!

I have family in Guadalajara; I spent part of my childhood there as well.

The article states that "his life in Guadalajara, México has inspired a unique and subtle fusion of cultures and sounds". Well, I just had to run over and start listening to see what that meant, and I am so glad that I did.
Tengo familia en Guadalajara, pasé parte de mi infancia allí

El artículo afirma que "su vida en GDL, ha inspirado una fusión única y sutil de las culturas y sonidos".

Tuve que correr a escuchar para ver lo que eso significaba y me siento muy contento de haberlo hecho.

GDL Chillwave is a perfect way to describe this and it is now playing at our Sugar & Spice store. Seriously, go and listen to this!
GDL Chill Wave es una descripción perfecta de esta música y ahora la incluimos en la música de Sugar & Spice. En serio, escuchen esto!
My favorites are Fleeting Romance and El Aislamiento.

Pardo [EP] by DannielRadall

Review of Fleeting Romance


Abraham Velazquez said...

Thank you for the kind words! Post like this make keep our Editors and Contributors on on their toes and keeps everyone smiling. -Abraham

Unknown said...

Glad to know I am keeping people on their toes!