Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Music Feature: Rodrigo & Gabriela

"There's only so many times you can sing it and mean it ... It just became sanctimonious"

"I'd break out in hives if I had to sing ("Stairway to Heaven") in every show. I wrote those lyrics and found that song to be of some importance and consequence in 1971, but 17 years later, I don't know. It's just not for me. I sang it at the Atlantic Records show because I'm an old softie and it was my way of saying thank you to Atlantic because I've been with them for 20 years. But no more of "Stairway to Heaven" for me."
---Robert Plant

I can't blame Robert Plant to get sick of playing this song. I love it! But, I also don't play it every single day or with any regularity. But it is so nice to slip it on every once in a while and let it take me back through the years like a time machine...
No puedo culpar a Robert Plant de enfermarse de tocar esta canción. ¡A mi me encanta! Pero, también no la toco todos los días o con cierta regularidad. Pero es tan agradable poder escuchar de vez en cuando y dejaré que me lleve de vuelta a través de los años como una máquina del tiempo ...

This time it has taken me back to high school in many more ways than expected. Through the magic of Facebook I have virtually reunited with a bunch of high school friends.
Esta vez me ha llevado de vuelta a la secundaria de muchas maneras más de lo esperado. A través de la magia de Facebook me reuní con un grupo de amigos de la secundaria.

In this particular case I hooked up with an old friend who also happened to be our soccer team captain. And, it looks like he hasn't stopped leading either.
En este caso particular, me conectó con un viejo amigo que también pasó a ser el capitán del equipo de fútbol. Y, parece que no ha dejado de liderar.

He started posting music that he likes and when he posted this band I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This is some fantastic guitar work here by a husband and wife team, who happen to be from Mexico.
Él comenzó a publicar la música que le gusta y cuando publicó esta banda no podía creer lo que estaba escuchando. Esto es un trabajo de guitarra fantástica por un duo de marido y mujer, que resultan ser de México.

I know this may sound strange reading this, but they are an acoustic guitar duo who love metal music and can also play jazz and make it all sound fantastic, like it was meant to be played together.
Sé que esto puede sonar extraño, pero son un dúo de guitarra acústica que aman la música metal y también pueden tocar jazz y hacer que todo suene fantástico, como si hubiera sido pensado para ser tocado juntos.

They are also known as "El Rodri y La Gabi".
También son conocidos como "El Rodri y La Gabi".

In this video they play "Stairway to Heaven" and I would have a hard time thinking that even Robert Plant would find this "sanctimonious".
En este video tocan "Stairway to Heaven" y pienso que hasta Robert Plant lo encontraría difícil pensar en esta versión como "santurrona".

They also do a wicked version of Metallica's Orion...
También hacen una versión buenísima de "Orion" de Metallica ...

And here they are playing Metallica's "One" followed by "Take 5", and they make it work!
Y aquí están tocando "One" de Metallica, seguido de "Take 5"!

And obviously, now I have their music playing at Sugar & Spice.
Gracias Rube!


Miki said...

I think the customers of Sugar & Spice should also be delighted with Camera Obscura ;).

Have a fun weekend!


Unknown said...

Hi Miki!

Hey, thanks for the heads up on that band. I really like it!

Yeah, I am going to add them to the playlist!